League of Legends

Arena 2v2v2v2 Augments List

View all LoL Arena augments in the new 2v2v2v2 Arena mode. Also head over to the League Arena Augments page to check out the pick rate and tier list.

Accelerating SorceryAccelerating Sorcery

Accelerating Sorcery

Using Abilities grant you infinitely stacking Ability Haste, this resets each round.

Back To BasicsBack To Basics

Back To Basics

Gain increased damage, Damage, Healing, Shielding, and Ability Haste, but you cannot use your Ultimate Ability.

Blade WaltzBlade Waltz

Blade Waltz

Gain the Blade Waltz Summoner Spell.

Blade Waltz makes you untargetable while you dash at and damage enemies 8 times.

Can't Touch ThisCan't Touch This

Can't Touch This

Casting your Ultimate also makes you Invulnerable for a short duration.



You are attached to your ally and can't move on your own. Your bonus movespeed is also granted to your ally, and you gain Ability Haste and Attack Speed.

Circle of DeathCircle of Death

Circle of Death

Healing and Regen you do deals a portion of the value in Magic Damage to the nearest enemy champion.

Courage of the ColossusCourage of the Colossus

Courage of the Colossus

Gain a ? Shield after Immobilizing an enemy champion.



Your dash, leap, blink, or teleport Abilities gain 250 Ability Haste.



Your dash, leap, blink, or teleport Abilities leave behind a trail that detonates after 1 second.



Gain Ability Haste equal to 25% of your Ability Power

Feel the BurnFeel the Burn

Feel the Burn

Gain the Feel the Burn Summoner Spell.

Feel the Burn casts Ignite and Exhaust on all nearby enemy champions.



Become large, gaining 35% Health and 15% Adaptive Force.

Infernal ConduitInfernal Conduit

Infernal Conduit

Your Abilities apply a stacking Burn, dealing Magic Damage over time.

Your Burn effects reduce your basic Ability cooldowns.

Jeweled GauntletJeweled Gauntlet

Jeweled Gauntlet

Your Abilities can Critically Strike. Gain 25% Crit Chance.

Mad ScientistMad Scientist

Mad Scientist

On Round start you grow large (Adaptive Force and Health) or tiny (Ability Haste and Move Speed).

Master of DualityMaster of Duality

Master of Duality

Your Attacks grant you stacking Ability Power and your Abilities grant you Attack Damage.

Mystic PunchMystic Punch

Mystic Punch

Your Attacks reduce your cooldowns by 1.25 seconds.

Omni SoulOmni Soul

Omni Soul

Gain 3 random Dragon Souls.

Quantum ComputingQuantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Automatically slash in a circle around you, dealing bonus damage on the outer edge every 10 seconds.

Slow CookerSlow Cooker

Slow Cooker

Every second, apply a stacking Burn to nearby enemy champions scaling with your Max Health. The Burn stacks infinitely.

Spirit LinkSpirit Link

Spirit Link

15% of damage dealt to your ally is redirected to you, and 50% of healing they receive is given to you as well.

Symphony of WarSymphony of War

Symphony of War

Gain the Lethal Tempo and Conqueror Keystone Runes.

Tap DancerTap Dancer

Tap Dancer

Your Attacks grant you 10 Move Speed, stacking infinitely. Gain AS equal to 10% of your MS.

Thief's GlovesThief's Gloves

Thief's Gloves

Remove your current items, gain random items each combat instead. Bonus stats and item damage is increased by 30%.

Trueshot ProdigyTrueshot Prodigy

Trueshot Prodigy

When you damage a champion from far away, Autocast a Trueshot Barrage at them.

Ultimate RevolutionUltimate Revolution

Ultimate Revolution

Once per round, refresh your Ultimate Ability after casting it.

Windspeaker's BlessingWindspeaker's Blessing

Windspeaker's Blessing

Your Healing and Shielding also increases the target's Armor and Magic Resist for 3 seconds.

Wisdom of AgesWisdom of Ages

Wisdom of Ages

Gain 1 level now, and 1 bonus level every other round. Your level cap is removed.

Zhonya's EpiphanyZhonya's Epiphany

Zhonya's Epiphany

Gain the Zhonya's Epiphany Summoner Spell.

Zhonya's Epiphany puts you in Stasis for 3 seconds, rendering you Untargetable and Invulnerable for the duration but also unable to act, and resetting your basic ability cooldowns.

Scopiest WeaponsScopiest Weapons

Scopiest Weapons

Gain 250 Attack Range, reduced to 150 if you are Ranged.

Summoner's RouletteSummoner's Roulette

Summoner's Roulette

Replace your Summoner spells with random ones. When you use a Summoner Spell in combat, replace it with another random one on a 6 second Cooldown.

Raid BossRaid Boss

Raid Boss

You start each round imprisoned in the center of the arena, unable to act. While imprisoned, you have up to 70% damage reduction and gain size, Health, Attack Damage, and Ability Power over time (max 40%). After 9 seconds or reaching 50% Health, you break out, Knocking Back enemies and gaining 35% max Health Shield.

Draw Your SwordDraw Your Sword

Draw Your Sword

You are now melee. Gain 35% Attack Damage, 35% Health, 25% Attack Speed, 25% Lifesteal, and 25% Move Speed (each further increased based on Attack Range lost).



Hitting enemies with Abilities creates a blast that deals magic damage from you to the location you hit them.

Quest: Wooglet's WitchcapQuest: Wooglet's Witchcap

Quest: Wooglet's Witchcap

Immediate: Gain Needlessly Large Rod.

Requirement: Possess Needlessly Large Rod, Rabadon's Deathcap, and Zhonya's Hourglass.

Reward: Gain Wooglet's Witchcap

Chain LightningChain Lightning

Chain Lightning

Dealing damage to an enemy also damages their partner for 50% true damage if they're nearby.

Laser EyesLaser Eyes

Laser Eyes

There is a laser in the direction you are facing that deals continuous magic damage.

Nesting DollNesting Doll

Nesting Doll

You automatically begin Reviving yourself after 2 seconds and you can be Revived an additional time. Each time you Revive, come back smaller and with 40% max Health.

When you revive, Knockback enemies around you.

Center of the UniverseCenter of the Universe

Center of the Universe

Stars orbit you at your Attack Range, dealing magic damage to enemies they pass through.

Fey MagicFey Magic

Fey Magic

Damaging with your Ultimate Polymorphs enemies for 2 seconds (15 second Cooldown).

Giant SlayerGiant Slayer

Giant Slayer

Become tiny, gain Move Speed, and bonus damage to champions based on how much larger they are than you.

Orbital LaserOrbital Laser

Orbital Laser

Replace Summoner Flee with Orbital Laser.

After a delay, call down an orbital laser that deals 30% max Health true damage plus ? magic damage over 3 seconds.



You apply 1 stacks of Curse per second to nearby enemy champions for 5 seconds, stacking infinitely.

Gain permanent max Health each second enemies are Cursed, increasing with number of stacks.



Your Abilities apply 1 stack of Curse to enemy champions they hit for 5 seconds, stacking infinitely.

Gain permanent Adaptive Force each second enemies are Cursed, increasing with number of stacks.

Gamba AnvilGamba Anvil

Gamba Anvil

Gain 1000 gold. Prismatic Anvils cost 1000 gold less, and Prismatic Items acquired from now on resell for 500 gold less.

Apex InventorApex Inventor

Apex Inventor

Gain 300 Item Haste (equivalent to 75% Item CDR).

Item Haste reduces the cooldown of all Item Abilities.

Banner of CommandBanner of Command

Banner of Command

Gain the Banner of Command Summoner Spell.

Banner of Command empowers your ally for a brief duration.

Cannon FodderCannon Fodder

Cannon Fodder

You enter combat launching from a cannon.

Celestial BodyCelestial Body

Celestial Body

Gain 1250 Health, but you deal 10% less damage.

Combo MasterCombo Master

Combo Master

Gain the Electrocute and Phase Rush Keystone Runes.

Dawnbringer's ResolveDawnbringer's Resolve

Dawnbringer's Resolve

Upon dropping below 50% Health, heal for 30% max Health over 3 seconds.

Defensive ManeuversDefensive Maneuvers

Defensive Maneuvers

Gain the Defensive Maneuvers Summoner Spell

Defensive Maneuvers Casts both Summoner Barrier and Heal on you and your teammate.

Demon's DanceDemon's Dance

Demon's Dance

Gain the Fleet Footwork and Grasp of the Undying Keystone Runes.

Die Another DayDie Another Day

Die Another Day

Gain the Die Another Day Summoner Spell

Die Another Day creates a zone where no unit can die for 4 seconds.

Dive BomberDive Bomber

Dive Bomber

Your team's first death each round explodes, dealing massive damage.

Ethereal WeaponEthereal Weapon

Ethereal Weapon

Your Abilities apply on-hit effects. 1 second cooldown per target.



Automatically fire a Blitzcrank hook every 12 seconds at a nearby enemy champion.



Your Attacks apply an infinitely stacking Burn, dealing damage over time.

From Beginning to EndFrom Beginning to End

From Beginning to End

Gain the First Strike and Dark Harvest Keystone Runes.

It's CriticalIt's Critical

It's Critical

Gain 40% Crit Chance.

Keystone ConjurerKeystone Conjurer

Keystone Conjurer

Gain the Summon Aery and Arcane Comet Keystone Runes.

Lightning StrikesLightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes

Gain Attack Damage scaling with your Attack Speed.



You can buy any number of Mythic Items.

OK BoomerangOK Boomerang

OK Boomerang

Autocast a boomerang at a nearby enemy every 7s.

Outlaw's GritOutlaw's Grit

Outlaw's Grit

After using a dash, leap, blink, or teleport Ability you gain 12 Armor and Magic Resist.

This stacks up to 5 times.



Gain hugely increased Health Regen, which is further increased while low on Health.

Phenomenal EvilPhenomenal Evil

Phenomenal Evil

Permanently gain 2 Ability Power when you hit enemies with Abilities (5 second Cooldown per Ability).

If taken as your second augment, starts with 40 Ability Power.

Rabble RousingRabble Rousing

Rabble Rousing

Using an Ability heals you for ? Health.



Gain 60 Ability Haste.

Restless RestorationRestless Restoration

Restless Restoration

You constantly heal while moving, increased by distance travelled.

Scopier WeaponsScopier Weapons

Scopier Weapons

Gain 200 Attack Range, reduced to 100 if you are Ranged.

Searing DawnSearing Dawn

Searing Dawn

Your Abilities mark enemies, causing them to take extra damage from your ally's next effect.

Shrink RayShrink Ray

Shrink Ray

Your Attacks reduce an enemy's damage by 15% for 3 seconds.

Soul SiphonSoul Siphon

Soul Siphon

Gain 25% Crit Chance and 12% Lifesteal on Critical Strikes.

The BrutalizerThe Brutalizer

The Brutalizer

Gain 25 Attack Damage, 10 Ability Haste, and 5 Lethality.

Thread the NeedleThread the Needle

Thread the Needle

Gain 20% Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration.



Gain the Vanish Summoner Spell

Vanish turns you Invisible.



After your partner dies, gain massively increased damage and Omnivamp for the remainder of the round.

Willing SacrificeWilling Sacrifice

Willing Sacrifice

When your ally drops below 30% Health, trade some of your health for a Shield on your ally.

With HasteWith Haste

With Haste

Gain Move Speed equal to 1.5 times your Ability Haste.

Bread And ButterBread And Butter

Bread And Butter

Your Q gains 200 Ability Haste.



Your summons gain 45% increased size, health, and damage.

Twice ThriceTwice Thrice

Twice Thrice

Every third Attack, your On-Hits trigger a second time.



Replace Summoner Flee with Fate's Call

Fate's Call pulls your partner inside of you for up to 4 seconds, making them Untargetable. The partner can move to launch themself out, Knocking Back the first champion hit and all surrounding enemies.

Skilled SniperSkilled Sniper

Skilled Sniper

Hitting an enemy with a non-Ultimate Ability at over 700 range reduces its Cooldown to 0.5 seconds, periodic abilities are instead reset to 3 seconds.

Critical HealingCritical Healing

Critical Healing

Your Heals and Shields can Critically Strike. Gain 25% Crit Chance.



Your Attacks deal additional physical damage equal to 100% Ability Power.

Magic MissileMagic Missile

Magic Missile

Dealing damage with an Ability fires 3 magic missiles at each enemy hit, each dealing up to 1% max Health true damage based on distance traveled.

All For YouAll For You

All For You

Your Heals/Shields are 30% stronger when used on your partner.



Gain the Aftershock and Glacial Augment Keystone Runes.

Bread And JamBread And Jam

Bread And Jam

Your W gains 200 Ability Haste.

Bread And CheeseBread And Cheese

Bread And Cheese

Your E gains 200 Ability Haste.

Quest: Steel Your HeartQuest: Steel Your Heart

Quest: Steel Your Heart

Requirement: Possess Heartsteel with 325+ stacks.

Reward: Multiply your Heartsteel stacks by 6. Increase your Health Regeneration by 10% of your Heartsteel stacks.

Quest: Urf's ChampionQuest: Urf's Champion

Quest: Urf's Champion

Requirement: Score 10 takedowns, if taken as your second augment this is increased to 15.

Reward: Golden Spatula



Your non-Ultimate Abilities Automatically refresh every 10 seconds.

Parasitic RelationshipParasitic Relationship

Parasitic Relationship

You heal for 15% of the damage dealt by your partner.

Big BrainBig Brain

Big Brain

At the start of each round, gain 3 Shield for every 1 Ability Power.

Quest: Angel of RetributionQuest: Angel of Retribution

Quest: Angel of Retribution

Requirement: Restore or prevent 2500 damage to allies.

Reward: Gain 100% Attack Speed, and your Attacks deal additional magic damage equal to 300% Heal/Shield Power.

Holy FireHoly Fire

Holy Fire

Your Healing and Shielding apply an infinitely stacking Burn to a nearby enemy, dealing 1% to 4% Max Health over 5 seconds.

Blood BrotherBlood Brother

Blood Brother

Gain Darius's Passive Hemorrhage.

Attacks and damaging Abilities cause the target to Hemorrhage, dealing ? physical damage over 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

Draven gains ? Attack Damage at 5 Hemorrhage stacks.



You gain 30% bonus damage and Omnivamp when hitting an enemy from behind.

It's Killing TimeIt's Killing Time

It's Killing Time

After casting your Ultimate, mark all enemy champions for death. The mark stores 40% of damage dealt to them, then detonates for the stored damage after 5 seconds. (8 second Cooldown).

Dark BlessingDark Blessing

Dark Blessing

When you Heal/Shield, apply 1 stack of Curse to a nearby enemy champion for 5 seconds, stacking infinitely.

Gain permanent Ability Haste each second enemies are Cursed, increasing with number of stacks.



Your Attacks apply 1 stack of Curse for 5 seconds, stacking infinitely.

Your Attacks permanently deal additional magic damage each second enemies are Cursed, increasing with number of stacks.

Blunt ForceBlunt Force

Blunt Force

Gain 15% Attack Damage.

Buckle UpBuckle Up

Buckle Up

Spawn a Battle Sled at the start of each combat.

Buff BuddiesBuff Buddies

Buff Buddies

You gain permanent Red and Blue Buffs.



Gain the Castle Summoner Spell

Castle allows you to swap places with your ally.

Contract KillerContract Killer

Contract Killer

Each round, mark an opponent to take @spell.Augment_ContractKiller:DamageAmp*100@% more damage and grant an extra @spell.Augment_ContractKiller:Gold@ gold on death.



Gain 60% Attack Speed.

Don't BlinkDon't Blink

Don't Blink

Deal more damage to enemies the faster you are than them.



Damaging enemies adds a stacking Armor and Magic Resist shred for 4s.



Gain the Evocation Summoner Spell

Evocation lets you channel to restore Health and Mana.



Deal 15% more damage to enemies below 50% health. Reset your basic abilities on takedown.

Fallen AegisFallen Aegis

Fallen Aegis

Start combat with a Black Shield for 12s.

Black Shield blocks Magic Damage and Immobilizing effects.

First-Aid KitFirst-Aid Kit

First-Aid Kit

Gain 20% Heal and Shield Power.

Frost WraithFrost Wraith

Frost Wraith

Every 6.5 seconds, Automatically Root nearby enemies for 1.25 second.

Frozen FoundationsFrozen Foundations

Frozen Foundations

Gain the Frozen Foundations Summoner Spell

Frozen Foundations summons a wall of ice at a location.

Guilty PleasureGuilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure

Immobilizing enemy champions restores ? Health.

Now You See MeNow You See Me

Now You See Me

Gain the Now You See Me Summoner Spell

Now You See Me teleports you back to the starting position of your last Movement Ability.

Ice ColdIce Cold

Ice Cold

Your Slowing effects reduce Move Speed by an extra 100.

Infernal SoulInfernal Soul

Infernal Soul

You gain the Infernal Soul, dealing bonus damage when you hit enemies with Abilities or Attacks.

Juice BoxJuice Box

Juice Box

Each round, you and your teammate get an additional Juice for free.

Light 'em Up!Light 'em Up!

Light 'em Up!

Every 4th Attack deals additional magic damage.

Midnight ExpressMidnight Express

Midnight Express

Autocast throw a lantern to your ally every 12 seconds.

The lantern can be clicked to dash to you.

Mind to MatterMind to Matter

Mind to Matter

Increase max Health by half of your Mana.

Mountain SoulMountain Soul

Mountain Soul

You gain the Mountain Soul, gaining Shield after being out of combat for a short time.

Ocean SoulOcean Soul

Ocean Soul

Gain the Ocean Soul, granting high Health and Mana regen after damaging enemies.



On dropping below 60 or 30% Health, nearby enemies are Knocked Back.

Shadow RunnerShadow Runner

Shadow Runner

After using a dash, leap, blink, or teleport Ability or exiting Stealth, gain @spell.Augment_ShadowRunner:MSAmount@ Move Speed for @spell.Augment_ShadowRunner:BuffDuration@ seconds.

Sonic BoomSonic Boom

Sonic Boom

Buffing, Healing, or Shielding your ally deals damage and Slows enemies surrounding them.

Tank It Or Leave ItTank It Or Leave It

Tank It Or Leave It

You can Critically Defend using your Crit Chance (max 50% chance), giving you a chance to reduce damage. Gain 25% Crit Chance.



Immobilizing enemy champions applies a Burn that deals damage over time, stacking infinitely.



Your Attacks fire a bolt at an additional target dealing reduced damage and applying on-hits.

Virtuous CycleVirtuous Cycle

Virtuous Cycle

Your Heals grant extra Shield and your Shields grant extra Healing.



Your Item and damage over time effects can Critically Strike. Gain 25% Crit chance.

Warmup RoutineWarmup Routine

Warmup Routine

Gain the Warmup Routine Summoner Spell

Warmup Routine allows you to channel to increase your damage for the rest of the round.

Witchful ThinkingWitchful Thinking

Witchful Thinking

Gain 70 Ability Power.

Don't ChaseDon't Chase

Don't Chase

You become Ghosted and leave a trail of poisonous gas behind you, dealing magic damage to enemies inside.



Gain @spell.Augment_Homeguard:MovementSpeed*100@% Move Speed, disabled for @spell.Augment_Homeguard:DisableCooldown@ seconds after taking damage.

Self DestructSelf Destruct

Self Destruct

Start each round with a bomb attached to you. After 15 seconds, it explodes for 20% max Health true damage and Knocks Up for 0.75 seconds.



There is a tether between you and your partner that constantly damages enemies inside.

Ultimate UnstoppableUltimate Unstoppable

Ultimate Unstoppable

After using your Ultimate, you become immune to crowd control for 3 seconds. (8 second Cooldown).



Your Flash has 3 Ammo and a 2 second Cooldown.

Serve Beyond DeathServe Beyond Death

Serve Beyond Death

The first time you would die each round, instead return to full Health, decaying over 3 seconds. Taking down an enemy champion while your Health is decaying stops the decay and sets your Health to 20% max Health.

Slap AroundSlap Around

Slap Around

Each time you Immobilize an enemy, gain 20 Adaptive Force for the round, stacking infinitely.



Gain 20% Omnivamp

Scoped WeaponsScoped Weapons

Scoped Weapons

Gain 75 Attack Range, reduced to 50 if you are Ranged.



Gain 15 Adaptive Force on takedown, once per champion per round.

If taken as your second augment, starts with 30 Adaptive Force.

Mirror ImageMirror Image

Mirror Image

When you drop below 30% Health, briefly become Invisible and create a clone of yourself.

Snowball Fight!Snowball Fight!

Snowball Fight!

Replace Summoner Flee with Mark.

Mark throws a snowball that marks the first enemy hit and deals damage. Recast to dash to the marked enemy.

Heavy HitterHeavy Hitter

Heavy Hitter

Your Attacks deal additional physical damage equal to 4% of your max Health.



When you Flash, there is an explosion around you dealing magic damage and Slowing enemies hit. Additionally, Flash resets every round.

Stackosaurus RexStackosaurus Rex

Stackosaurus Rex

When you gain permanent Stacks of an Ability, gain 75% more!



Convert Bonus Attack Damage to Ability Power. Gain 15% Ability Power.



Convert Ability Power to Bonus Attack Damage. Gain 10% Attack Damage.

Hold Very StillHold Very Still

Hold Very Still

Gain Guerrilla Warfare

After not moving for 1.5 seconds, turn Invisibile until you move. When you exit this Invisibility, gain ? Attack Speed.

Fully AutomatedFully Automated

Fully Automated

Your Autocast Cooldowns are reduced by 2 seconds and benefit from your Ability Haste.

Spin To WinSpin To Win

Spin To Win

Your spin Abilities gain 30 Ability Haste and deal 30% more damage!



Immobilizing enemy champions applies 2 stacks of Curse for 5 seconds, stacking infinitely.

Gain permanent Armor and Magic Resistance each second enemies are Cursed, increasing with number of stacks.